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The Bible is a difficult book to understand. At Rememnat 66, we aim to accomplish just two things. First, we want to help people understand the bible from a messianic perspective, that is to understand the bible as if all 66 books are still relevant and in effect today. Our second goal is to create a safe space for those who dare question what they are fed at their local church. Denominations have a way of looking at the bible through the lens of their seminary schools teaching. We seek to replace doctrine with theology, division with inclusion, and man's words with God's words. 

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Sunset Reading

Life is ever-changing and complex and when we add to that a faith that began over six thousand years ago, in a time that is as foreign to us as life on Mars, the confusion only deepens.  I am, just like you, trying to work out what a book that seems part history, part fantasy part lover story, and part horror means to me and those I love.

These Podcasts, teachings, or conversations, are all an attempt to draw the truth out of life always being guided by the Word of God and backfilling with culture and history. The word of God is alive and worthy of conversation.....come on, joining in below.

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